How can we bring together rural and urban communities impacted by our broken criminal justice system to end mass incarceration? Are you part of the effort? Are you campaigning against your state's private prisons, the cost of prison phone calls, immigration detention centers, or other policies that exacerbate mass incarceration? Would your work benefit from stronger strategies, messaging, better communication capacity, and a broader base of support?

Coordinators of this track will be Human Rights Defense Center and Nation Inside.


Tracks are looking for hands-on workshops, strategy sessions, and meet-ups that share stories, skills and best practices. Your session/workshop should be engaging and interactive. Including people who are direct stakeholders or who are directly impacted by the issue strongly aligns with Free Movement's goals of building grassroots power, and should be encompassed as often as possible.

Contact with questions and comments.

Sessions must be accessible to all bodies, genders, and ages by creating a space that is inclusive and welcoming.