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Free Movement is a collaborative laboratory of creativity, freedom, and activism utilizing core Southern organizing strategies and principles. We are artists, advocates, faith leaders, grassroots leaders, community organizers, racial justice activists and supporters of health equity— dedicated to working together to create a powerful public art and organizing project in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Where: Hugh MacRae Park
When: March 11th. Workshops run from noon-4pm.
What: Social Justice Lab, is a feature of the Free Movement Project day of events, including Black Man Running. FREE & OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

SPOKEN WORD LAB hosted by Kelly Ray (noon-4pm)
Come write your own spoken word piece with a team of poets and then record it.  An amazing team of spoken word artists will be presenting work throughout the day.  This workshop includes the following sessions/areas:

Whitewashed & Blacked Out: Poetry, News, and Media.
Tearing Down Walls: Poetry and Performance,
Speak Your Truth Table
Spit That Story Bank (recording of stories)

Are you ready to sharpen your social justice skills? Engage in meaningful and strategic dialogue? Interested in learning a new skill?  We have an amazing team of artists, organizers, and educators facilitating workshops.

Community: Redemption: Autobiographical Storytelling & the Importance of Voice

Wilmington’s News Ecology: What Stories Need to be Told?
Making the Journey from Faith to Justice

Tearing Down Walls: Justice in Pen & Performance
Ending the School to Prison Pipeline

Organizing in the New Law and Order Era
Changing the Political Culture

Funding Our Movements

With: LJ Reynolds, Fiona Morgan, Cameron Parker, Jason Mendez, Delthea Simmon, Kenny House, Denny Papabear Best, Quintin McGee, Brian Dickey, and Boris Rogers.

SOCIAL JUSTICE LAB – check out our hands on lab and engage in skill building.  Fun for kids.
910 Rocks | Wear Your Fear | Gardening Education | The Art of Trust  | Spoken Word Lab
Bike Repair | and more.


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